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I know I'm kind of late with posting this because some of you here already saw it on yuotube...
Anyway,I left today a message on the official Yuukan club BBS.In the first,I thought that Junno's hair is weird but now I think he look nice with it so I wrote him this ;)

The manga~

OK,so Akanishi Jin will be Miroku Shouchikubai. 
Who already read this manga?? I think to buy it just to see how the drama will be and I've heard that it's a very popular in Japan...

Anyway,here is the official web pages for the manga :
1)  http://chorus.shueisha.co.jp/yukan/
2)  http://comic-bunko.shueisha.co.jp/plan/yuukan1/ytop.html

I think this manga has anime too but I'm not sure about it~